how to get free Gogo inflight wifi

How to Get Free Gogo inflight WiFi? Tips and Tricks

Nowadays inflight wifi is the most demanding necessity for passengers. According to a recent survey by Inmarsat, 55 per cent of passengers described inflight wifi as an essential need. Airline companies are also leaning toward providing high-quality inflight wifi to acquire more customers. 

Gogo inflight internet is one of the most popular wifi service providers in airlines. Many leading airline companies are partnered with Gogo for inflight internet facilities. But gogo internet-paid packages are quite pricey. Gogo also offers free texting and one hour of free inflight internet for browsing. To know all the tricks for whole flight free gogo inflight wifi read till the end of the article. 

Which airlines Does Gogo provide services?

There’s a good possibility that you’ve used gogo’s in-flight internet service if you fly frequently. Some of the major airlines in the aviation industry rely on Gogo for inflight wifi. For your convenience here are enlisted all the airlines that provide gogo’s inflight wifi:

Air FranceAir CanadaJapan Airlines
Delta Air LinesBritish AirwaysGol Airlines
United AirlinesKLMCathay Pacific
American AirlinesVirgin AtlanticLATAM
Alaska AirlinesCathay DragonVirgin Australia

Free Gogo Inflight WiFi Service:

If you don’t have a Gogo monthly or yearly subscription, you have to pay $7 for a one-hour inflight wifi pass and $19 for all day pass. The prices seem quite a lot to pay for short-time wifi access. But with a T-mobile number, you can have access to gogo inflight wifi for free texting and one hour of free data for browsing. Simply follow the steps to have access to free gogo inflight wifi:

  • Keep your device on airplane mode
  • Turn on wifi on your device.
  • Search for the SSID ‘gogoinflight’ or your associated airline’s wifi SSID
  • Connect to the network
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  • If your device is android the wifi portal page will automatically appear. For ios open your browser and go to ‘’
  • Choose the option ‘Free Wi-Fi and Texting’
  • If you have a T-mobile number give your number and fill the captcha box. No confirmation message is needed so any valid T-mobile number will work. 
  • You will be connected to the gogo inflight wifi. Enjoy browsing!

Tricks to Get Full Fight Free Gogo Inflight WiFi:

Follow the below tricks to get free wifi onboard from gogo inflight internet. All the tips work but if you find any of the tricks are not working then you can try another and try all.

Connect to Free Gogo Inflight wifi without a T-mobile number:

Here is the thing, satellite communication is very expensive. So Airline companies and T-mobile deliberately try to restrict that bandwidth in order to verify the accuracy of the provided phone number. The satellite receives a signal from the plane, beams it down to earth, and then sends it to an API that examines the request to determine if the provider is T-mobile or not. I’m speculating here, but the request will probably return True or False instead of sending any code to that number. So you can use any friend’s or family member’s T-mobile number or any random valid T-mobile number that will work. Necessarily you don’t have to own a T-mobile number to get access to the free gogo inflight wifi.

Trick to get full flight Gogo inflight wifi access instead of one hour:

A T-mobile number will give access to the free inflight wifi only for an hour. What happens once your one-hour time limit is up? You won’t be able to browse the internet, however, still you would be able to send texts through messaging apps. Now here is the trick to get another hour of free internet. Gogo’s system uses your device’s MAC address to detect whether you have already been given an hour of free access or not. So using another T-mobile number from the same device will not be much of a smart thing to do. If you are using an Android Q beta device then you can easily change your device’s MAC address where the Operating System automatically switches your device into a randomized MAC address. Simply follow the steps. 

  • Go to the details of your device’s wifi network.
  • You will find the ‘Privacy’ option.
  • Click on the right side of the privacy. You will see two options.
  • Choose the randomized MAC option for another hour of free gogo inflight wifi.
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If you are using ios this trick will not work since there is no way to change an iPhone’s MAC address.

Use credit cards that offer free Gogo Wifi:

If you are using any of the enlisted below credit cards you will get complimentary Gogo inflight internet passes:

  • U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card: U.S Bank Infinite Visa cardholders will annually receive 12 free Gogo flight vouchers. You need to enrol before your flight in order to use them.
  • UBS Visa Infinite credit card: USB bank also offers 12 free access per year to gogo inflight wifi to their Visa infinite card holders. Log into your account prior to your flight time to use the vouchers. 
  • City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite: City National bank provides 12 complimentary Gogo inflight passes annually to their Crystal Visa Card holders. To use the free passes, you have to register from your account before your flight. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does gogo offer free inflight wifi?

On gogo-equipped inflight wifi aircraft, You can have access to gogo’s free texting and one-hour data plan without any cost.

Can I use gogo’s subscription on American Airlines flights?

American Airlines have another two providers alongside Gogo. If Gogo is the inflight wifi provider on your flight, you can use gogo’s subscription. 

Can I stream Netflix using Gogo’s inflight wifi?

Streaming Netflix or other services is only available on Gogo’s paid plans. 

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