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An Overview of the Tourism Industry of Bangladesh

The Tourism industry, a tremendous part of our public economy comes from this industry. Individuals, simply love visiting at whatever point they find the opportunity and go to places inside and furthermore outside of this nation and this assumes a significant function in the nation’s income. The allure of a nation’s travel industry places relies generally upon the nation’s archaic exploration, history, and its normal excellence of the places of interest.

Bangladeshi individuals have been going since the beginning, and by the beginning, the old ages are implied. What’s more, it’s not really evident that only the Bangladeshi public travel a ton. Bangladesh has countless places of interest which pull in numerous individuals from everywhere over the nation to come and visit and have an incredible encounter appreciating the beautiful excellence of Bangladesh, giving an enormous lift to the nation’s economy through the travel industry.

History of Tourism in Bangladesh

After the liberation war, BPC was assigned to develop the hospitality facilities as well as the tourism facilities across Bangladesh so that tourism was possible inside the country as well as outside the country. their assignment includes also the enhancement of the image of the country to the foreign countries creation of human resource of tourism research related to tourism establishment of institute related to tourism as well as different parks like Safari Parks for tourism etc. Since 1972 the BBC ordinance has had a very big impact on the creation of the strong base of Bangladesh tourism.

Economic Contribution of Tourism Industry

Bangladesh earns a fair share of its total revenue from the tourism industry.  According to reports in 2013, the contribution of the tourism industry to the gross domestic product was about 4.4%, did the employment generation it was around 3.8% and to the investment sector, it was about 1.5%. and it has been growing ever since but due to some problems and limitations, Bangladesh has not been able to introduce itself as a tourist destination in the world just yet. But, it’s not something very far away. For this Bangladesh needs to introduce their tourism in the worldwide sectors through many promotional activities so that it becomes a prominent tourist destination in no time.

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Things haven’t generally been similar like we see today. Bangladesh has not been known for its places of interest for exceptionally long. Just in the new years, individuals have begun visiting Bangladesh for example after the 2000s and all the more explicitly, the most recent 10 years. As should be obvious from the measurements the pinnacle of the income has come in 2017 as per the public report of the travel industry. Yet, the chart likewise shows that it has not generally been like this. There were many good and bad times in the years however the extreme change has been seen beginning from 2015 to 2016.

Development & Problems

“POTENTIAL UNEXPLORED”– This is probably the best way to describe it. We all know that tourism is the world’s biggest service industry that is justifiable, and also capable of generating a large revenue for a tourist country. Additionally, Bangladesh has an enormous number of places of interest however the main issue which isn’t giving Bangladesh to turn into a noticeable vacationer location access the world is that the places of interest are yet to be investigated by the specialists identified with the travel industry. The advancement in the travel industry area must be conceivable when unlimited has put more in examination and examinations identified with the travel industry inside the nation which will bring about a superior result of income and will likewise add to the public economy more. This could be a major hitter in the monetary image of the travel industry area and be a major piece of the public economy of our nation.

The travel industry being a vital driver to our public monetary development, has additionally a few issues identified with it. These are messing little up to the traveler visiting our nation and leaving impacts that are undesirable for our travel industry. Issues, for example, absence of framework offices just as current and adequate offices of diversion, legitimate preparing and arranging by the public authority and usage of promoting and refreshing data just as security and wellbeing, and last yet not the least visa issues which is likewise a significant limitation in the improvement of the travel industry by and large inside the nation.

Impact of Social Media on Tourism Industry

Social media has taken over everywhere and it hasn’t left the tourism industry alone in Bangladesh. Social media is now an excellent place for marketing and making strategic decisions for tourism companies and enterprises. The rapid growth of technology has let the travel agencies reach out to more potential customers easily and make it easy for them to book and plan tours.

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According to a survey of 1060 people of different professions 97.26% of them have considered social media as an influencer in the tourism industry in Bangladesh. Social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and various others are now a leading source of finding information related to tours and travels. people can easily see the already provided packages at a discounted price and before as well as plan out their own tours by conducting with the travel agencies via social media.

Scope of Tourism in Bangladesh

Since the 2000s tourism in Bangladesh has been developing as a sector and earning a lot of money which is very beneficial for our national economy. And yes it has been on the rise. Tourism has not only attracted international visitors, It has also been attracting the national ones all across the country to visit the interesting places within their motherland.

Out of all the possible working opportunities for branding this country the one that stands out with the most is branding by attracting foreign tourists to our famous tourist spots. This can be done by attracting foreigners to places like Cox’s Bazaar, The Sundarbans, and historical sites like Shonargaon, Shalbon Bihar, Mahasthangarh, etc.

University Degree in Tourism Industry

Degrees can be achieved from different universities on tourism and hospitality, such as-

  • University of Dhaka – THM Department

A degree can be earned from The tourism and hospitality Management department of the University of Dhaka. After achieving the degree one might be able to pursue a career in the tourism industry which are stated in the next point.

  • NHTTI-

NHTTI stands for national hotel and tourism training institute which provide degrees in Tour guide and travel agency operation, as well as other necessary subjects which allows one to strive forward with a career in this industry

  • ATAB tourism training institute-

ATTI provides with degrees on national technical and vocational qualification framework as well as taking courses on airline ticketing.

Career Possibilities in Tourism Industry

Related to the tourism industry, There are a lot of career possibilities in this sector. A description for a few and the most important ones of them are stated below.

  • Owning a travel agency: Owning an agency that will provide packages to the tourists regarding their stay and visits to different places around the country.

  • Recreation attendant: Job usually includes responsibilities like being a caddy for golfers or in case of amusement parks operating the rides and games ETC.

  • Concierge: helping the guests with reservations in the restaurants and also arranging services like spa ETC and recommending them places to go and the things to do.

  • Information clerk: The main duty here is to provide the places who came for the tour with any type of information they might be searching for.

  • Recreation worker: Recreation workers usually guide the guests are the children about the activities to participate in usually at the resorts and vacation spots and provide them with training and instructions.

  • Travel guide: Their job is to guide an individual as well as a group and show them the sites of a particular city or place they are visiting for the best possible experience.
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Top Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

While there are numerous beautiful places to visit in Bangladesh, here are the top picks for you that are a must.

  • The Sundarbans mangrove forest
  • Cox’s Bazar
  • Saint Martin’s island
  • Kuakata
  • Sajek valley
  • Sonargaon
  • Shat Gambuj mosque
  • Jaflong
  • Paharpur
  • National memorial
  • Ahsan Manzil

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Future of Tourism Industry

Tourism has a lot of awards such as monetary rewards, sociable rewards as well as environmental friendly rewards mostly inside the countryside areas. But all good things come at least with some bad sides, it is also linked with some side effects that might cause some problems. But problems have solutions too, so if tourism can solely be eco friendly, which it possibly can, might result in the cancellation of the unwanted problems, leading towards a better future for the tourism industry in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has been doing great lately in the tourism sector. But, there is a big scope of flourishing more and contributing more to the national economy. If things are done the right way at the right time, Bangladesh will soon be a prominent touring place and rise in the tourism industry.

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