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About Swiss Air WiFi & How To Connect To it?

Swiss International Airlines(SWR) is well known among international travelers, especially European ones because it is the national flag career of Switzerland. It holds its global customers by taking them to 102 destinations in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. Zurich Airport works as the sole hub of Swiss Airlines, but Geneve Airport is also a hub for it.

Swiss International Airlines is widely known as SWISS, and European travelers rely on this airline because of their staff’s humble service and provision of various facilities. They are on the travelers’ priority list because it is a 4-star Airline with variant inflight entertainment, food, beverage, and amenities. Their Wi-Fi service is top-notch because of their high-speed broadband connection, so you can easily connect to the rest of the world when you are onboard. You can also enjoy their free inflight entertainment service with the chargeable Wi-Fi packages.

SWISS Airlines provides a payable Wi-Fi facility to the passengers of the following Aircraft-

  1. A330
  2. A340
  3. Boeing 777

Only the passengers of SWISS first are given 50 MB of free internet data pack for using inflight Wi-Fi.

Inflight Wi-Fi of SWISS Airlines

You can connect with SWISS Airline’s inflight broadband connection after the aircraft is at an altitude of 10,000 feet. You can easily communicate with your friends and family and send important work emails using their speedy internet connection. But to ensure that every passenger gets equal broadband speed, streaming platforms are advised not to be used.

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20 MBCHF 99.50$
50 MBCHF 1920.06$
120 MBCHF 3941.18$
220 MBCHF 5962.30$

These package prices may vary due to inflation or other unavoidable situations.

How to connect with Inflight Wi-Fi of SWISS Airlines

If you are on board with SWISS Airlines and want to connect with their Wi-Fi service by selecting a package, then you have to follow this procedure-

  • Turn on the Flight mode of your device and go to the Wi-Fi settings
  • Search for the SSID. “ SWISS Connect” 
  • Connect with the network “ SWISS Connect”
  • Open any browser on your device and visit URL address
  • Then you have to choose the option “ Go Online Now” and follow their further instructions there

Quick Overview of SWISS International Airlines

NameSwiss International Airlines
Airline Code724
Region Europe
Focus CityGeneva 
HubZurich Airport
Wi-Fi serviceChargeable 
Wi-Fi ProviderPanasonic


Can I watch Netflix using Swiss Airline’s Wi-Fi?

You can watch videos from any streaming platform, but SWISS Airlines advice not to watch streaming videos as it will jam the broadband connection onboard.

Who is the provider of Swiss Airline’s Wi-Fi?

Panasonic is the provider of Swiss Airlines Inflight internet connection that they offer to their passengers.

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