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A Complete Guide To Istanbul Airport Sleeping Pods: IGA Sleepod 2024

If you travel by airways, you know very well how hectic a layover can be! Long hours of journey and after that waiting for transit flights leave restlessness to the passenger. However, Istanbul Airport has made this easy by providing sleeping pods at the airport. Long layovers are no longer a hassle at Istanbul Airport.

The Istanbul sleeping pod, popular as IGA, is a private place where passengers can get some rest or sleep whenever they want without leaving the airport. With numerous amenities, Istanbul Airport has arranged outstanding ways to spend layover times or flight delays.

If you want to get the facilities of Istanbul Sleeping pods, you need to know the following things that help you to navigate quickly.

Charges for IGA Sleepod

According to hours and facilities, IGA Sleepod charges some costs. Premium services are also available. Additional charges will add if you want to avail some extra comfort.

Here is the chart of IGA Sleepod Cabins.

Sleeping PodPrice per hour (Including VAT)Service Hours
Cabin 8 Euro (for 1 hour)7.00 am – 7.00 pm
Cabin11 Euro (for 1 hour)7.00 am – 7.00 pm
Add- On (Blankets, Pillows, Pillow-case)3 Euro (for 1 hour) N/A

Passengers can reserve the sleepod upon their arrival at the airport terminal only. Cabins are subject to rent only at the availability. One can purchase fresh pillows and blankets additionally.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Children (under one year) can share the sleeping pod with their parents as long as they want.
  • Cardholders can use Sleepod maximum of 3 hours.
  • Under the priority pass card option, the Cardholder can bring one guest without any charge. After that, every additional guest will cost 28 euros. The additional charges will be automatically deducted from the cardholder’s account.

How to use IGA Sleepod?

For more convenience, Istanbul airport keeps the IGA user procedure very simple and easy.  You can use The IGA Sleepod by the following process:

  1. You can only book your pods upon arrival at the airport.
  2. Then choose the suitable cabin by purchasing the service at the sales counter in front of the IGA sleepod area. Digital payment is also available.
  3. The availability of cabins will depend on the passenger traffic.
  4. Priority pass holders can use the pods for three consecutive houses, and others need to avail of the service per hour basis.
  5. Cardholders’ payments will be digitally excluded from their card.

Location of IGA Sleepod

In Turkey, Istanbul Airport has equipped IGA sleepod or sleeping cabins at the international terminal. The area is open 24/7, only for international flights.

The pods are located on the left side of the arrival floor, close to the C, D, and E terminals.

Facilities of IGA Sleepod at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul airport has equipped the IGA sleepod with a number of offerings. There are 25 pods in total, and you can have technical instruments as well as comforting facilities that ease your rest time.

  1. A private cubical with sleeping arrangements for relaxation and sleep
  2. Clean pillows, blankets, and additional pillowcases
  3. Air conditioning
  4. USB port and an electrical outlet to charge electronic devices.
  5. Space for keeping travel luggage and bags
  6. Flight Information Monitor
  7. Digital card payment system
  8. Safe, secured, and calm place with full privacy
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Alternatives to IGA Sleepod at Istanbul Airport

You can also grab alternatives for rest and sleep at Istanbul Airport. Instead of using IGA sleepod, One can go for the Istanbul Airport Lounge and CIP or Istanbul airport hotel.

Istanbul Airport Lounge and CIP

If you want on-broad service, the Istanbul Airport lounge is for you. Istanbul Airport Lounge offers more amenities than IGA sleepod as the charge is higher.

Additionally, you will get –

  1. Air conditioning
  2. Open Buffet
  3. Shower
  4. Beverages(Alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  5. Playground for children
  6. Internet/Wifi
  7. Newspaper/ Magazines.

Istanbul Airport Hotel

In case you want premium hotel service and facilities, Istanbul Airport has the option to get the hotel within the airport area.

YOTEL Hotel is a transit hotel at Istanbul Airport where you can enjoy a high level of service.

Additionally, you will get –

  1. Restaurants
  2. Flexible payment option
  3. Family-friendly environment
  4. Located in the passport control airside area.


How long can I use Istanbul Airport Sleepod?

One can purchase sleepod service on an hourly basis. Cardholders can stay three hours in a row at the Istanbul Airport Sleepod.

Can I have my pet with me at the IGA Sleepod?

There is a special check-in counter and free-of-charge pet room service at the IGA Sleepod.

Can I share my Sleepod with guests?

Yes, you can share sleepod with the guest, which is subject to additional cost!

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