Dubai Airport Sleeping Pods

Dubai Airport Sleeping Pods Full Guide | Types And Features 2024

Despite being a quite new feature, Dubai International Airport does have sleeping pods! So if you are up for a long layover at Dubai Airport, or need a small nap before your next flight or destination, Sleeping pods will be right there for you!

Sleeping pods are small compartments mainly occupied with facilities to provide good sleep or rest for travellers. Dubai airport is very much equipped with different types of sleeping facilities and sleeping pods are one of them. 

Dubai airport sleeping pods come with lots of features depending on their type and price. There are other options for sleeping, napping, or resting at Dubai airport. Different facilities aiding to varying needs of travellers are also available.

Figure 1: Dubai Airport Sleeping Pods

Sleeping Pods And Other Sleeping Options In Dubai Airport

Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. But their hospitality and the facilities they provide to the travellers are very varied and up-to-date. They have two different types of sleeping pods, rest zone, cabins, etc. 

Apart from these, they also provide a lot of facilities for showers, internet, money exchange, restaurant, eateries, prayer, hotels, business pods, etc.

Types Of Sleeping Pods At Dubai Airport

SizePrice (2 hr. min/Per night)
FlexiSuite Pods200×70 cm48-63 USD
Igloo Pods200 × 74 cm28-45 USD

FlexiSuite Pods

Figure 2: Dubai Airports FlexiSuite Pods

FlexiSuite pods were first installed in 2020 keeping the needs of travelers in mind. Dubai airport sleeping pods are managed by Airport Dimensions company through the Sleep-n’-Fly lounge and website. These pods are booked by hours (minimum  2 hours), and there are guides who will be there to lead you to your booked pods.

Figure 3: FlexiSuite Sleeping Pods Features
  • Location: Terminal 1, Gate D, Terminal 3, Gate A and C.
  • Facilities: seat to flat-bed, reading light, falling table/desk, space for small luggage, coat hook, mirror, small dust bin. Extra headrest cover, soft cotton pillow, bedsheet (on request), fleece blanket, LED lighting (dimmable), coat hanger, USB socket, controlled air-conditioning, screen for travelers’ devices, etc. The rooms are lockable from the inside, and you can request for the staff to wake you up with hot or cold towels.
  • Cost: USD 63 (2 hours)
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Igloo Pods

Figure 4: Dubai Airport Igloo Pods

These small but stylish pods were first installed in this airport back in 2013. They are also a part of the Sleep-n’-Fly lounge. You can book your pod through their website, they will be present at the right time to lead you to your nap pods!

Figure 5: Igloo Pods Features
  • Location: Terminal 1, Gate D, Terminal 3, Gate A and C.
  • Facilities: Seat to flatbed chairs, disposable cushion cover, bedsheet, charging point, dimmable light, manually operating shade, tinted side windows, space for handbags or other such luggage, wooden foldable table, etc. 
  • Cost: USD 28 (2 hours)

Other Sleeping Options

Your layover, be it long or short, is less likely to be tiring if you’re willing to spend a little money at Dubai airport. They have many options available at different rates for travelers. 

Dubai airport sleeping pods can be used by any traveler, regardless of their class. Now isn’t that amazing!

Apart from sleeping pods, Dubai airport has power nap therapy pods with massage features for people who want small naps. There are YAWN double cabins, YAWN bunk cabins, YAWN family cabins, and YAWN lite cabins. 

Dubai Airport International Hotel is inside the airport, which you can use if you want to relax for a long time without having to worry about security. Apart from that, many lounges are available throughout the airport with good resting facilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are food options open for 24 hours?

Yes. Restaurants and eateries for food and drink and drinks are available for 24 hours. 

Can we take a quick shower at Dubai airport?

Yes. You can take a shower at Dubai airport. Dubai airport provides showers, free Wi-Fi, a spa, salon, medical services, and other facilities.


Dubai airport sleeping pods are very up-to-date, comfortable, and come with many useful features. The pods are available at different prices as well.

For any traveller to come across Dubai airport, it is important to know all this information beforehand so that they won’t have to suffer unnecessarily. In this way, anyone can have a comfortable, well-rested long journey and not look like a zombie the entire time. 

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