Charlotte Airport Sleeping Pods

A Complete Guide To Charlotte Airport Sleeping Pods in 2024

Charlotte Douglas International Airport or CLT is one of the most important airports in America. it is located in North Carolina, It was founded in 1935. This airport is a hub of American Airlines. Charlotte Douglas airport is popular with its visitors and travellers due to its sleeping pods inside the airport. Charlotte Douglas airport is open 24/7 and travellers can stay in the airport if transit is long or flight is cancelled or a flight is delayed. Passengers take sleep and rest inside the airport in sleeping pods.

Location of the Sleeping Pods in Charlotte Douglas Airport

Charlotte Douglas airport opened 6 private sleeping pods in may, 2018. The pods have been opened by Minute Suites. Each pod is about 56 square feet and has a shower facility. This is the fourth airport after Atlanta, Philadelphia and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport which installed sleeping pods. The location of Charlotte sleeping pods is located in CLT’s atrium area. 

Sleeping podslocation
Pod 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6CLT’s atrium area, just past the security checkpoint of the central area of the airport

Features of the Charlotte Airport sleeping Box

The following things and facilities are available inside the sleeping pods of Charlotte Douglas Airport. 

  • Comfortable bed, pillow, and blanket
  • Watching television
  • Using computer
  • Work in a private environment
  • Privacy curtain
  • Baggage storage area
  • Flight information display
  • A power outlet
  • Wifi (with additional fee)
  • Shower (with additional fee)
  • A water bottle
  • An alarm clock
  • Wakeup call service
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Cost of the Charlotte Airport sleeping pods

Such a facility is not free. You got it right. Now, what is the cost of staying in such lucrative sleeping pods? The below price is set by the minute’s suite authority

1 Hour$48.00
Each additional 15 minutes after 1 hour$12
2 hours$96.00
15 minutes after 2 hours$9.50
8 hours stay (after 9 pm$175.00

If I describe the table price, you will get it clearly. Charlotte Airport sleeping pods cost as follows: 1 hour for $48 and additional 15 minutes after 1 hour is $12. The 2-hour cost is $96 and the additional 15 minutes after 2 hours is $9.60. But if you take an extended 8 hours time then the price is $175, comparatively low right? You can take shower too but you have to pay extra for it.

cost of Charlotte sleeping pods
cost of Charlotte sleeping pods

You may think the cost of renting pods is high but travellers queue to get past the sleeping pods. Entering sleeping pods you will not understand whether it is your house or office or airport private room.

Alternative of Sleeping pods in Charlotte Airport

There are a few alternatives to sleeping pods at Charlotte Douglas airport. You can try any of them which is suitable for you. 

  1. Any comfortable area of the terminal Inside the airport except a few padded benches of concourse E. 
  2. You can take rest, even sleep inside the chapel if you have a sleeping bag with you or a blanket.
  3. Airport lounges. This is premium but this is the popular way to have a nap if you have a credit card or cash.
  4. Nearby hotel. If you want to take sleep in a hotel room, then just book it. Even a few hotels offer a free shuttle. 
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Things To know to stay inside CLT without sleeping pods

  • Where to keep your baggage: There is no storage room or office to keep baggage for a certain time. The airport authority will not take responsibility for your baggage if it gets lost or damaged. So you have to keep the bag and baggage in your own responsibility. 
  • Eating and drinking: if you stay inside the airport. You have to have a meal or eat or drink. This is available in level 2 at night. On the other hand, there is a vending machine. 
  • Shower or restrooms: if you want to take shower or rest, there is a premium option which is Minute Suites lounges. 
  • WiFi: Free will is available inside the Charlotte Douglas airport.
  • Other facilities:  ATMs, baby care room, Chapel.


Is there any free sleeping pods in Charlotte airport for business class?

No. Whether you are a business class traveller or economy class, sleeping pods are paid and there is no complementary sleeping pods. 

Is it secured if I sleep inside the airport arena?

Yes, Charlotte airport is secured, just keep your bag in a safe place or beside your pillow

Why am I not finding sleeping pods at Charlotte airport?

Just go with the exact location i mentioned in the article it is CLT’s atrium area, just past the security checkpoint of the central area of the airport

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