How To Connect Istanbul Airport WiFi 2024

The busiest airport in Europe, Istanbul airport is also a crucial transporting hub connecting three continents, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Istanbul Airport’s top-notch service and cutting-edge technology ensure free one-hour wifi service for all passengers.

Facts about Istanbul Airpot

NameIstanbul International Airport 
Owner General Directorate of State Airports (DHMİ)
Airport typePublic
OperatorIGA (Istanbul Grand Airport) Havalimanı İşletmesi
Aircraft Operations185,642
Wifi serviceYes (1-hour Free)
Wifi ProviderTurk Telecom
WiFi helpline4440145
ServeIstanbul, Turkey
LocationArnavutköy, Istanbul
Coordinates41°15′44″N 28°43′40″E

Istanbul Airport WiFi Service:

The wifi infrastructure of Istanbul Airport is provided by Turk Telecom. All the passengers at Istanbul airport can enjoy one-hour wifi service free of charge.

After the allocated time, users can purchase between two packages; a two-hour package and all day long package. 

How to connect to the Istanbul Airport WiFi:

Istanbul airport has one-hour free wifi access. Passengers can connect to the Istanbul wifi portal following two methods. The first one is via SMS and the other one is using the passport number. Passengers can use any one of the 33 Wi-Fi kiosks at Istanbul Airport to get wifi access through their passport number.

Passport Login method: A password is required to connect to the free wifi portal which can be got from airport kiosks by verifying your passport. Simply follow the mentioned below steps to get free wifi access via passport.

  • Find any one of the 33 kiosks at the Istanbul Airport.
  • Scan your passport on the right side of the kiosk.
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            Istanbul Airport Kiosk

  • Then you will get a code that can also be printed from the kiosk.
  •  Once the code is obtained, connect to the “IstanbulAirportTurkTelecomeFree” on your device.
  • Enter your passport number and use the code (received from the kiosk) as the password.
  • Agree with the terms, press enter and you will get connected to the Istanbul airport’s free wifi.

Mobile Login Method:

  • Turn on wifi on your device
  • Connect to the “IstanbulAirportTurkTelecomeFree” wifi network.
  • Select the “Mobile Login” option
  • Choose your country code. If your country flag or country code is not appearing, you can not use this method. You have to connect to the wifi by using the passport login method.
  • Then enter your mobile number which will be used to send a code.
  • A temporary wifi password ( a code) will be sent to your given mobile number.
  • Enter the code and click continue.
  • Enjoy free internet for 60 minutes. 

For your convenience, here is a video attached showing the whole connecting process. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use the wifi code more than once?

No, the code is a temporary wifi password that can be used only once on one device.

What to do if my wifi code isn’t working?

You can contact the wifi support line at 4440145.

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