does bamboo airways have wifi

Does Bamboo Airways Have WiFi & Internet?

For long-haul flights, you must look for something entertaining or productive to do. If you travel with Bamboo Airways, then you should not stress about layover to pass.

Bamboo Airways, a flagship carrier of Vietnam, currently doesn’t have any free service, yet they launched the Most Advanced Wireless Technology in all of their flights. Starting in 2019, Bamboo Airways developed an inter-continental and inter-regional network that serves 60 flights daily.

Let’s learn more about Bamboo Airways.

A glance at Bamboo Airways

NameBamboo Airways
Founded in31 May 2017
Commenced operation16 January 2019
Wi-Fi ServiceN/A
Free Wi-Fi Time LimitN/A
Wi-Fi ProviderN/A
Inflight Entertainment packageAvailable
Focus CityDomestic Countries
Frequent Flyer ProgramBamboo Club
HeadquarterHanoi, Vietnam
Hub ForHanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Qui Nhon
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube  

Do Bamboo Airways Have WiFi?

There are no inflight Wi-Fi or internet packages in Bamboo Airways. paid onboard Wi-Fi is not also available on Bamboo Airways.. Passengers can use free entertainment services. Bamboo Airways is very new in the aviation industry, yet they make a strong move on digital transformation in all of their flights.

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Alternative to Inflight Wi-Fi in Bamboo Airways

Though any inflight Wi-fi (free or paid) is not available, Bamboo Airways has an alternative to onboard Wi-Fi. Bamboo Airways has its own entertainment system. Anyone can use this inflight entertainment system during their stay on flights.

 All the aircraft are equipped with updated broadcast hardware and high-volume content. This wireless entertainment system is a fair alternative to the inflight Wi-Fi service.

Bamboo Airways Inflight Entertainment: Bamboo Sky

Without any internet connection, the entertainment service of  “Bamboo Sky” can be used on any device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There are 100+ movies, TV shows, and music available in Bamboo Airways’ entertainment library.

Bamboo Airways provide quality content on the entertainment service and high-speed connection for a seamless user experience. To ensure the quality of their service, Bamboo Airways has partnered with two top-notch companies – Touch Aero and Airfi Aero – to provide copyright content and broadcast entertainment.

Note to be Remembered

  • Passengers can choose content from the entertainment service according to their preferences.
  • Passengers can download movies from the Bamboo Sky entertainment library in HD quality. The download speed is satisfactory.
  • To connect with the wireless entertainment system, passengers can simply connect their personal devices or use the touch screen in the back of the front seat.
  • For any help, passengers can ask the flight attendants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bamboo Airways have an inflight Wi-Fi connection?

No, Bamboo Airways does have any inflight Wi-Fi connection.

Do I have to register for Bamboo Sky?

No, you don’t have to do any registration for Bamboo Sky.

Can I stream Netflix onboard at Bamboo Airways?

No, Netflix is not available onboard at Bamboo Airways. But you can watch popular TV shows and movies from the wireless entertainment system.

Does Bamboo Airways have any further plans to add a free or paid Wi-Fi connection?

Bamboo Airways is always a concern with its digital transformation. To make the passengers more delightful, they might add a Wi-Fi connection in the future.

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