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A Proven Guide To Royal Brunei Airlines WiFi 2024 | Does Royal Brunei Airlines Have WiFi?

If you travel frequently, you already know how necessary the Wi-Fi connection is even if you are ten miles off the ground. Maybe you need to book tickets for the next destination or hotel room, or suddenly you have to send an email for upcoming events.

Royal Brunei Airlines, the flagship carrier of Brunei, offers inflight Wi-Fi. The complimentary Wi-Fi service is available for all passengers. You can purchase internet packages for unlimited Wi-Fi connection. Let’s learn more about Royal Brunei Airlines.

A glance at Royal Brunei Airlines

NameRoyal Brunei Airlines
Established in18 November 1974
Wi-Fi servicePaid service
Free Wi-Fi time limitNo free WIFI
Wi-Fi providerRB Impian App
Wi-Fi Troubleshoot helpline+16732242222
Hub forBrunei International Airport
Frequent Flyer ProgramRoyal Skies
Focus city forJedda, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur
CountryBrunei Darussalam
LocationBandar Seri Begawan
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter , Instagram, YouTube

 Royal Brunei Airlines Wi-Fi service

Royal Brunei Airlines have an inflight Wi-Fi connection that is basically app-based. Anyone can enjoy full entertainment packages, including streaming international movies, music, and TV programs by installing RB Impian App and connecting Wi-Fi with personal devices. Passengers have to purchase internet packages.  Two paid internet packages are available on Royal Brunei Airlines. Once you purchase an internet package, it will provide unlimited Wi-Fi during your stay.

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SurfBasic Browsing,
email, social media
StreamUpload and download,
Netflix, YouTube Streaming

1. Surf Package

 This paid package will cost 4.99 USD. There is no time limitation in paid service. The surf package is suitable for basic browsing tasks like checking emails and scrolling social media.

2. Stream Package

This paid package provides high-speed internet. To upload or download files, the Stream package is good enough as an inflight Wi-Fi service. It will cost 9.99 USD.

Royal Brunei Airlines Free Wi-Fi

No free Wi-Fi is available on Royal Brunei Airlines. The Wi-Fi connection is subject to specific flights, and passengers have purchased paid packages as per their needs.

How to connect with Royal Brunei Airlines Wi-Fi?

You can connect with the Royal Brunei Airlines Wi-Fi by the following process:

  • Before getting on the flight, download the latest version of the RB Impian App. The app is available on both Google Play and iOS App Store.
  • During the flight, turn on the Wi-Fi network from your devices
  • Select the network ‘RB Impian Wi-fi Onboard.’
  • Open your device browser; Google Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS.
  • Then Log in to
  • Complete the registration.
  • Now you are ready to enjoy your inflight internet surfing.

Good to know:

  • You can enjoy inflight Wi-Fi on your personal devices like your cellular phone, tab, or laptop.
  • Keep your device powered up. There are USB ports on selected A320 aircraft where you can charge your phone in-seat.
  • Update your operating system and browser version. It will help you to log on to the Royal Brunei inflight entertainment system seamlessly.
  • Do not forget to bring your headphones for a better experience.
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Frequently Asked Question

Does Royal Brunei Airlines have Wi-Fi service?

yes. Royal Brunei Airlines have an inflight entertainment system that enables Wi-Fi, You can browse email, and social media, or stream Netflix.

Does Royal Brunei Airlines have free Wi-Fi?

No, Royal Brunei Airlines doesn’t have any free Wi-Fi facility. You have to purchase inflight internet packages.

Do I need to register for the Wi-Fi service?

Yes, you have to register to get inflight Wi-Fi on Royal Brunei Airlines.

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