Savannah Airport WiFi

A Guide To Savannah Airport (SAV) Wi-Fi in 2024

Savannah Airport (SAV), also known as Hilton Head International Airport, is famous in the United States.  It is a commercial airport, but it is also a military-use airport, so it bears a vital role in both the general and defense systems of the United States. Savannah airport provides all travelers with free Wi-Fi for available people’s ease and comfort.

Savannah/ Hilton Head Airport is situated in Savannah, Georgia, USA. This public airport provides broadband internet connection in their waiting lobby, which is free! They provide this facility by keeping the travelers’ needs in mind.

Savannah Airport Wi-Fi

Savannah/ Hilton Head International Airport is vital for Georgia because it serves public and defense purposes. However, this airport is also top-rated for its traveler-friendly facilities. And one of the mention-worthy services it provides is free Wi-Fi for all travelers. 

The airport’s network is flySAV. Connect to the network to utilize the moment you spend in the airport’s waiting lobby. Also, you can send urgent messages or call your loved ones using the free Wi-Fi. 

How to Connect to Savannah Airport Wi-Fi

Connecting to Savannah Airport’s free Wi-Fi is easy, and you must follow some simple steps to connect. However, mentioning the steps for your ease-

  • Go to the settings of any device you’re using
  • Switch on the Wi-Fi connection
  • From the available Wi-Fi list, look for the airport’s network flySAV and connect to it
  • Now go to the OTP link from the browser page that opens after connecting to the network
  • Now you are connected to Savannah Airport’s Wi-Fi!
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A Quick Look into Savannah Airport’s Details

Airport NameSavannah Hilton Head International Airport
Address400 Airways Ave, Savannah, GA 31408
Hub forSkyway Enterprises
Code (WMO)72207
Wi-Fi Available ( Free)
Wi-Fi name (SSID)flySAV
Helpline(800) 327-1390
Airport Website 


1. Can I stream videos on Netflix using Savannah Airport Wi-Fi?

You can stream videos on Netflix at Savannah Airport using their free Wi-Fi. This airport’s broadband connection speed is quite great, so you can watch videos to pass your time and keep yourself entertained in the waiting lobby. 

2. Does Savannah Airport provide free Wi-Fi?

Yes, it is free for travelers who come to the Savannah airport to take their flight. Passengers who visit this airport for transit can also connect to their free Wi-Fi. 

3. How secure is the public wireless hotspot of Savannah Airport?

Like most other wireless(Wi-Fi) hotspots, SavannahAirports’s broadband connection is also unsecured, so there is no guarantee that your private and sensitive information will be safe. 

That’s why you should be careful while using public Wi-Fi; otherwise, someone might take advantage of your data. Don’t send messages and emails with sensitive information at the airport because texts and emails are usually unencrypted.

Also, be careful about connecting to the authentic network of the airport because there might be some scam networks also with the same name.


I hope you have all the necessary information on Savannah Airport’s Wi-Fi. You can use free Wi-Fi in this airport, but you should be careful using public broadband connections.

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