Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) WIFI Guide 2024 | SLC WiFi Tips

Planning early for a layover at Salt Lake City airport or simply arriving there a few hours before might make people wonder about the internet situation inside the airport.

Because that’s how some want to pass time comfortably without getting bored of doing nothing.

Since it’s a pretty renowned airport, expectations of decent speed internet and other services are all valid. Fortunately, there is free SLC airport wifi available for everyone inside the airport.

A glance at SLC Airport

Full NameSalt Lake City International Airport
Owned & Operated bySalt Lake City, Salt Lake City Departments of Airports
Yearly PassengerMore than 26 million.
Total Runways4
Total Terminal1

SLC Airport WIFI Details

Here is the information you might be curious about Salt Lake City Airport WIFI:

Information TypeDetail
WiFi CategoryComplimentary/Free
RequirementNo Requirement
PasswordNo Need
Duration Limit4 Hours
Network NameSLCAirport.wifi.

There is also WIFI available at the airport lounge. The WIFI facility at the Delta sky club lounge along with many other services is available. You can enjoy the lounge facility if you are a member of Delta Sky Club.

Connect SLC Airport WIFI?

  • You need to open the wireless network window from your device’s setting first.
  • Make sure the WIFI is turned on next.
  • Now scan for new networks available and after a while, the “SLCAirport.wifi” network should get on screen.
  • Click on the network and it will connect.
  • Now open a browser of your choice and select yes from the security pop-up that shows.
  • Next, you want to click on connect and the free wifi should be available for you to enjoy!
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There’s no use of a password. SLC Airport WIFI. So, you don’t need any password to connect with the WIFI at Salt Lake City airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Salt Lake City Airport Have free WiFi for Everyone?

Yes, the complimentary WIFI is available for anyone within the airport internet coverage.

2. Are there mobile charging stations available?

Yes, the Salt Lake City airport does have outlets for charging mobile devices. And you will find those all throughout the connector hallway and terminals.

3. What is the password for WIFI available at the airport lounge?

It is “smile”. However, the password can change with time. The password information will be provided by the lounge representative once you request them to give it.

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