Dhaka New Market Off Day

Dhaka New Market Off Day, Weekend & Holidays 2024

Dhaka New Market(নিউ মার্কেট) is an old historic market where you can find your daily necessary goods at a very low cost remain closed on Tuesdays. On other days, it opens at 10 am and closes at 9 pm. The opening and closing hours might differ on national holidays.

Dhaka New Market is the oldest market of Bangladesh started in 1954. It is an open space shopping centre located in north Azimpur, Dhaka. The market has 440 shops with a triangular open space at the centre and three high arched entry gates covering three sides of the market. The new market has become an important hub for all aspects of people in Dhaka. From clothes to grocery shops, tattoo parlours to stationary, food shops to footwear shops, you can find everything there at a very low cost. You will also find street vendors outside the market.

Dhaka New Market is closed on Tuesdays
মঙ্গলবার ঢাকা নিউ মার্কেটের সাপ্তাহিক বন্ধ

Facts about Dhaka New Market

NameDhaka New Market
LocationNorth Azimpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Retail Shops440
Parking spaceNot Available
Land area35 acres
Weekly off dayTuesday

Weekly Schedule of Dhaka New Market:

Dhaka New Market is one of the most crowded places in Dhaka. As it’s a place where one can find almost anything, it always remains chaotic both inside and outside the market. If you are planning on going shopping in Dhaka New Market, it’s important to know about the schedule.

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Schedule of Dhaka New Market:

DayOpening timeClosing time
Sunday10 am9 pm
Monday10 am9 pm
Wednesday10 am9 pm
Thursday10 am9 pm
Friday10 am9 pm
Saturday10 am9 pm

Dhaka New Market Holidays:

Dhaka new market is closed on the Language movement day, 21st February. But it remains partially open on the 26th March (Independence Day) and 16th December (Victory day).

During Ramadan and some weeks before Pohela Boishakh (Bengali new year), Dhaka New Market is seen to be open even on Tuesdays.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Dhaka New Market open on Tuesday?

No, Tuesday is the weekly off day of the Dhaka New Market.

Do the vendors outside of Dhaka New Market can be found on Tuesdays?

Dhaka New Market is closed on Tuesdays but you can find the street vendors every day.

Does Dhaka New Market remain open after 9 pm?

Usually Dhaka New Market closes after 9 pm. But on special times like before Eid and Pohela Boishakh, it remains open till 11 pm.

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