Visa-free Countries For Bangladesh

32 Visa-free Countries For Bangladeshi People in 2024

The world is full of wonders and beauty. There is so much to see, so much to learn and so many things to enjoy in this world.  And some people want to enjoy that beauty, they want to go on an adventure, they want to travel around the world and get to know it properly. 

Are you a Bangladeshi who loves to travel but tired of all the hassles of visa processing? Well, here’s good news for you! You can travel to many countries without a visa! Without a visa means you can get an on-arrival visa in these countries.

It might seem unreal to you but this is the truth. Many people have even travelled to countries without visas. And they did not face any trouble during their journey. So today, we will let you know about a few Visa-free countries for Bangladesh.

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Visa-free countries for Bangladesh- the detailed list

There are countries that you can visit with a visa on arrival and there are some other countries where you can visit with the help of an E-Visa. You can even travel to countries only using your 3rd country visas. So let’s see what countries you can visit without a visa and make your dream of travelling the world come true:

1.   Nepal

Have you been wanting to visit Nepal for a long time? Well, It is possible to visit Nepal without a visa. You just need a visa on arrival to visit this beautiful country. The whole process is very easy and budget-friendly as well.

2.   Bhutan

Bangladeshis can easily travel to Bhutan without a visa. Bhutan offers travelling without a visa for the Bangladeshi people. So don’t hesitate and enjoy the beauty of Bhutan. There are so many things to see there!

3.   Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been on a lot of people’s travel lists. You can visit Sri Lanka with an E-tourist visa. That’s all it takes to visit this amazing country.  The stay is usually short with a period of 30 days.

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4.   Maldives

You can visit the Maldives with a visa issued on arrival and you can stay there for 30 days. If you are planning to visit the Maldives then it’s better if you visit Sri Lanka and Maldives at once. Because the direct tickets to the Maldives may cost more than usual.

5.   Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most amazing countries to travel to without a visa. Indonesia doesn’t require a visa from Bangladeshi travellers. The stay in Indonesia is for 30 days. The amazing culture, and nature all make Indonesia more interesting.

6.   Timor Leste

Timor Leste is a country in the middle of Indonesia. You can visit Timor Leste with a visa issued on arrival. It is better if you visit Timor Leste while visiting Indonesia. Direct tickets to Timor Leste may cost more.

7.   Fiji

Fiji is a country of beautiful islands. Bangladeshi travellers do not need a visa to travel to Fiji. This country is an amazing place to get closer to nature. The usual stay in Fiji is about 6 months.

8.   Samoa

It isn’t that hard to visit foreign countries like Samoa. Samoa is an amazing country to visit. You can visit Samoa with a visa on arrival. The stay is usually short with a period of 60 days.

9.   Tuvalu

If you are Bangladeshi then you don’t need to worry about visas to visit Tuvalu. Bangladeshi travellers can visit Tuvalu with the help of a visa on arrival. You can stay there for about one month.

10. Vanuatu

Vanuatu offers Bangladeshis travel visa-free. Though there aren’t any websites governments of this country, some other websites have assured that Bangladeshis can Vanuatu without any visa. But it’s better if you do your research to stay on the safer side.

11.  Jamaica

Jamaica is full of natural beauty. The mountains, rainforests, the beaches altogether make an interesting adventure that anyone would love to experience. Visiting Jamaica does not require any visas for Bangladeshis.

12. Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country that no one can deny. The Bahamas is all about the beaches, and the ocean. And if you are a Bangladeshi you get to visit The Bahamas without a visa. Enjoying the beauty of the Bahamas without the hassle of a visa is something you should never miss.

13. Haiti

If you are Bangladeshi then the good news for you is that you won’t need a visa to visit Haiti. You can travel there using a plane, taxi, car, bus or train. Haiti is a beautiful place to stay and roam around.

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14. Grenada

You can visit Grenada without any visa if you are a Bangladeshi. Besides, you can stay In Grenada for about 3 months. Grenada offers outstanding opportunities for Bangladeshi people.

15. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis are some of the greatest countries that you would love to visit. And the good news is if you are a Bangladeshi then you can travel to Saint Kitt’s and Nevis without needing a visa. You can enjoy the beauty of Saint Kitts and Nevis without any hassle.

16. St. Vincent and Grenadines

Saint Vincent and Grenadines is another amazing country where you can travel without any hassle of a visa. Saint Vincent and Grenadines is also known as a major sailing destination. You can stay here for about 1 month.

17. Barbados

Bangladeshi citizens don’t need a visa to travel to Barbados. It is one of the most beautiful countries Bangladeshis can travel to without needing a visa. 6 months is the maximum duration you can stay there.

18. Dominica

Dominica is a part of North America. It is a developing country. As a Bangladeshi citizen, you can travel the country visa-free. And like Barbados, the maximum staying duration is 6 months.

19. Trinidad and Tobago

What else could be more exciting than travelling to a country like this without a visa? Well, you can get the chance to travel without a visa in Trinidad and Tobago if you are a Bangladeshi citizen.

20. Lesotho

You don’t have to apply for a visa to visit Lesotho if you are already a Bangladeshi visa holder. The country has amazing sights like the mountains and the rivers. The amazing beauty of mountains and rivers is something you should never miss. Travelling to such an interesting place without worrying about visas is such a pleasure for all.

21. Niue

Niue is an incredible country to visit if you want to get connected with nature. And especially when you get the chance to visit this country without a visa, the experience becomes more appealing. The duration of stay in this country is 30 days.

22. Malaysia

A lot of people might not know that you don’t need an actual visa to visit Malaysia. You can visit Malaysia with an E- visa. Moreover, you can even visit Malaysia if you have a 3rd country visa. Malaysia lets anyone visit their country who has a visa from a developed country.

23. Madagascar

Yes! You can visit Madagascar with a visa on arrival. You can enjoy the beauty of this amazing country without needing a visa. The duration of stay there is about 90 days.

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24. Mexico

A lot of people don’t know that if you have a visa from a 3rd country then you can visit Mexico. Yes, it is possible! And many people have already visited Mexico with the help of a 3rd country visa.

25. Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica has been a dream of many. Costa Rica has the most beautiful places to travel to. And you can visit this amazing country if you have a 3rd country visa. So don’t miss this golden opportunity and plan your visit now!

26. Panama

Panama is close to Costa Rica and has a lot of things to see. The culture, the lifestyle, the nature of the citizens of Panama is something you must see. If you are a Bangladeshi then you can visit Panama using a 3rd country visa.

27. Togo

Are you a Bangladeshi traveller? If yes, then good news for you! You can visit Togo with a visa on arrival. The stay duration in Togo is very short. You can stay there for about 7 days. But the experience that you will gather here is worth it! 

28. The British Virgin Islands

You can visit the British Virgin Islands without needing a visa. The British Virgin Islands offers visa-free travel to Bangladeshi travellers. And you can stay there for a maximum of 30 days.

29. Turkey

You can get a visit to Turkey with E-visa. There is no hassle of running to embassies for visas. All you have to do is fill up some forms online. The duration to stay there is one month.

30. Ivory coast

You can visit the Ivory Coast with an e-visa. Though there isn’t any confirmation from their direct government embassy website, their airport website confirms that as a Bangladeshi you can visit the Ivory Coast using an E-visa. It is better If you do your confirmation to be on the safer side.

31. Seychelles

It is possible to travel to a wonderful country like Seychelles.  As a Bangladeshi, you can travel to Seychelles with a visa on arrival. And the duration to stay in Seychelles is one month.

32. Qatar

Many of you might think that you have to carry the burden of running embassies if you want to visit Qatar. But it’s not true. You can get a visit to Qatar with an E-visa. But if you are still not convinced then you can confirm it from the Embassy or airport website!

Wrapping up

That’s all we got for today. Now you understand you can fill up the thirst for your travelling even from Bangladesh with a lot of golden opportunities available. All the Visa-free Countries For Bangladesh that we have mentioned here are equally incredible to visit, and exciting as well.

So now it’s time to get your backpack ready for the trip and enrich your knowledge. Most of us think that a pre-visa is a must to travel to different countries. But hopefully, we have been able to prove you wrong with this article today. Without any further delay, get ready to rock the countries!

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