How To Get WiFi at Vancouver Airport? YVR FREE WIFI

The need for going online to check the flight status or simply getting in touch with someone urgently can pop inside the airport.

And so, having usable good speed internet facilities inside is what passengers highly expected out of airports these days.

The Vancouver airport has done a pretty decent job at considering the expectation. And it is the 1st North American airport actually providing good speed WIFI absolutely free.

One needs proper Vancouver airport wifi information to be able to access the free internet usage available inside.

Vancouver Airport WIFI Details

The information you will need to access WIFI at Vancouver Airport is here:

Information TypeDetail
WiFi CategoryComplimentary/Free
RequirementNo Requirement
Data LimitNo Limit
Duration Limit4 Hours
Network Name@yvrairport

Connect Vancouver Airport WIFI

  1. You need a device that is WIFI enabled for connecting to the Vancouver airport for free WIFI.
  2. Turn on the WIFI settings.
  3. Then scan for new networks available.
  4. The network called @yvrairport should appear and you need to select that.
  5. There’s no Vancouver airport information on any requirement for the password, so you won’t need one.
  6. Give it some time and the WIFI should be connected.
  7. Open a browser and accept the terms and conditions shown on the landing page next.
  8. Once you do that, you should be able to surf the web for free.
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About the number of devices allowed to connect to Vancouver Airport Wifi, there’s no such limitation on device numbers. You can connect as many devices as needed.

A glance at Vancouver Airport

Full nameVancouver International Airport (YVR)
Airport codeYVR
City & CountryVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Operated ByVancouver International Airport Authority
Full Address3211 Grant McConachie Way, Richmond B.C., Canada
Zip Code604
Time ZoneUTC -8 during Standard Time
HubAir Canada
Air Canada Express
Pacific Coastal Airlines
Target CityAir North WestJet Encore
Total Runways3
Total Helipads3
Elevation13 ft / 4 m
Contact Phone+1 604-207-7077
Official Social MediaTwitter 
Official WebsiteYVR

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Wi-Fi at Vancouver Airport everywhere?

Most of the areas of the Vancouver airport have wifi service available. So, you should be able to access it for free from any point.

Is Vancouver Airport Wi-Fi limited in data usage?

There are no data restrictions for users to avail of the free wifi. One can use as much as data they need to.

Is Vancouver Airport WIFI slow?

There are around 70 antennas for the Wi-Fi service that Vancouver airport management provides to ensure a smooth experience for the passengers. However, in the case of overcrowded areas, speed can be a little less than usual.

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