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Ukraine Embassy List In the USA (Address, Phone, Email & Other Details)

The Ukraine embassy in the USA aims to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Ukraine and the USA. The diplomatic relations between the United States of America and Ukraine were established on January 3, 1992. 

Ukraine embassy address is 3350 M Street N. W.,   Washington D.C., 20007,  USA. Oksana Markarova is the present Ambassador of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. Ukraine and USA relations evolve based on political issues, trade, and economy, scientific and technical cooperation. 

Also, these two countries aim to develop cultural and humanitarian cooperation, bilateral treaty, and legal framework.

However, throughout this article, we will walk you through every detail of the Ukraine Embassy, USA. So let’s dive into the discussion:

All The Information About Ukraine Embassy In the USA

The basic information that every emigrant may need about the USA’s Ukraine Embassy are the follows:

Embassy Address 3350 M Street N. W.,   Washington D.C., 20007,  USA 
Ambassador Oksana Markarova 
Working Hours 9:00 – 18:00  Monday – Friday 
Telephone +1–202–349-2963
EmailGeneral: emb_us@
Consular Office: [email protected]
Emergency Contact Number + 1 (202) 322 2616
Website Address 

Services Of The Ukraine Embassy In The USA

The Ukraine Embassy aims to aid Ukrainian emigrants in the USA by providing different services. The Embassy offers various assistance and resources to help its country’s citizens with multiple services abroad. 

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However, now let’s look at the services that the Ukraine Embassy offers its citizens in the United States.

e – Visa

You must submit the required documents for e – Visa like a photo, passport, sufficient funds proof, health insurance policy, etc. The e-visa processing fee is $85. Using your Visa Card or Master Card, you can pay the fee online.

Visa Requirements

The Ukraine Embassy in the USA, under the Visa Requirements category, provides all the necessary information. Those include the following:

  • Entry Mode to Ukraine for Foreigners
  • When, How, and Where to Apply for Visa – General Provision
  • Visa Types
  • The Documents Need to Be Submitted for All Visas
  • Processing Fees
  • Documents to be Grounded for Visa’s Correspondent Type
  • The Fund Proof of Foreigners Traveling to Ukraine
  • Foreigners and Stateless Person’s Entry Mode to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine
  • Legislation

Entry Mode To Ukraine For Foreigners

This service on the website has the necessary information about the entry regime to Ukraine for foreign citizens. You can click on Ukraine’s visa information to get your required details.

There is also a special notification on the website to attract foreign citizens’ attention who intend to visit Ukraine’s occupied territory.

Adoption Of Ukrainian Children

To adopt Ukrainian children, you can get help from the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States. The child’s adoption should be in their best interest to enable harmonious conditions and a stable environment in life.

However, the Embassy’s Ukrainian children adoption service will provide information on the following:

  • Children’s adoption in Ukraine
  • The annual post-placement report on Ukraine’s adopted children
  • Adopted Ukrainian children’s consular registration
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Civil Registration

Whether you need to register for marriage or consular assistance for death, the Embassy will provide you with the service. The services under the civil registration category incorporate the details of the following:

  • Marriage requirements in Ukraine
  • Consular assistance in a death case

Deceased Citizen’s Repatriation

The Ukrainian Legislation requires the following documents for an urn with ashes or casket containing the deceased to cross the Ukrainian State Border.

  • The Death Certificate with an Apostille and its translation from English to Ukrainian.
  • Documents about the foreign object’s absence in the urn with ashes or inside the casket. You can arrange this document in English with an Apostille or translate one from English to Ukrainian.
  • The local health authority’s Affidavit or Certificate stating the death cause.

Email Address Of Diplomatic Staff Of The Ukraine Embassy, USA

Diplomatic Staff Name Position Email IDs 
Yaroslav BRISIUCKMinister – Counsellor[email protected]
Dmytro KOHANEconomic Issues – Counsellor [email protected] 
Andrii TSYMBALIUKCongress Issues – Counsellor [email protected]
Halyna YUSYPIUKPress & Media Issues – First Secretary[email protected]
Oleksandr BORYSENKOLegal Issues – Counsellor [email protected]
Consular Affairs N/AN/A
Oleksiy DOMANCHUKPassport Issues – First Secretary [email protected]
Kostyantyn VORONA Notaries, Visa Issues – Head of the Consular Section, Counsellor[email protected]
Hanna BABENKOCitizenship, Adoption, Permanent Residence’s Registration – Third Secretary [email protected] 
Defense Cooperation’s Office N/AN/A
Borys KREMENETSKYIDefense Attaché [email protected]

Consular Issues Of The Ukraine Embassy In The USA

The Embassy of Ukraine in the USA assists Ukrainian citizens with the following consular problems:

  • Police Report or Requesting Certificates from Ukraine
  • Visa Requirements
  • Ukrainian Children’s Adoption
  • E-Visa
  • Civil Registration
  • Passport Issues 
  • Deceased Citizen’s Repatriation
  • Citizenship Issues
  • Entry Regime For Foreign Citizens to Ukraine 
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Previous Ambassadors Of The Embassy Of Ukraine In The USA

The Government of Ukraine and other entities purchased a house in Washington as the Ukraine Embassy on December 31, 1992. Since 1992, several Ambassadors have worked in the USA as representatives of the Ukraine Embassy.

The name of those previous Ambassadors with their working duration is listed below in the table.

Name of the Ambassadors Working Duration 
Oleh Bilorus 1992 – 1994 
Juriy Shecherbak 1994 – 1998 
Anton Buteyko 1998 – 1999 
Kostiantyn Gryschenko 2000 – 2003
Mykhaylo Reznik 2003 – 2005
Oleh Shamshur 2005 – 2010
Olexander Motsyk 2010 – 2015
Valeriy Chaly 2015 – 2019 
Volodymyr Yelchenko 2019 – 2021 


Where is the Ukraine Consulate in the United States?

The Ukraine consulate in the USA is at 3350 M Street, NW, Washington D.C.

Is the US Embassy in Ukraine closing?

In February 2022, the United States Embassy in Ukraine closed its consular services due to the Russian military invasion. Moreover, the US’s State Departments suggest its citizens avoid traveling to Ukraine.

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