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Does Southwest Have Free WiFi? Southwest Inflight WiFi in 2024

Traveling by Airline concerns travelers for many things, and the Wi-Fi facility is one of them. Southwest Airlines keep this concern of their customers in mind; that’s why they provide paid Wi-Fi services in their Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft. Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi connection or internet service gained customer satisfaction, and travelers can do non-stop texting or emailing from when the airplane takes off. 

Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi gives unlimited texting access, but you can only send texts through iMessage or Whatsapp. The internet package of this airline is worth $8. You can watch movies and videos by purchasing the package, but you can’t watch non-stop videos because of the airline’s license restrictions. 

Availability of Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi

If you want to enjoy the broadband service of Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi, you can purchase the $8 package. This package covers only one device’s Wi-Fi connection. But there are some restrictions on this package-

  • The Wi-Fi service is only available in their Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft.
  • You can only text your loved ones through Imessage or Whatsapp. But you must download these apps before connecting to their Wi-Fi as the download of these apps needs a faster connection than the ones they provide during their flight.
  • You can enjoy free live TV and IHeartradio during the flight, but Southwest Wi-Fi has licensing restrictions, so these facilities will not be available full time of your flight.
  • High-bandwidth applications and websites are restricted to ensure that all the customers use top-notch internet access. 
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Packages of Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi

Unlimited Wi-Fi$8 per device
Messaging Package$2 per device
Movie Rent$5 per device

How to connect to Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi?

Different devices have different ways of connecting to a network. But here are the basic steps to make the process of connection easy for you-

  • First, turn off the Airplane mode of your device.
  • Then go to the settings of your device and turn on the Wi-Fi.
  • Then from the network lists that will appear, choose SouthwestWiFi. Then on your screen, a new page will appear with the link or an option to copy the URL of the Wi-Fi. 
  • Click the link, or you can also copy it to your browser.
  • This link will take you directly to the Inflight Entertainment Portal. If it doesn’t do so automatically, type into the address bar.
  • After getting access, select your preferred choice of entertainment and enjoy it throughout your flight. 

Inflight Entertainment of Southwest Airlines

Back when there was no internet connection available in aircraft, even if there was no TV to pass the time on long flights, people used to bring magazines or their favorite books. But now the time has drastically changed, with this time, Southwest Airlines has got various entertainment options to keep their customers entertained throughout the flight. There are plenty of free entertainment features that you can enjoy while being on Southwest Airlines flights-

  • Live and on-demand TV
  • .Movies
  • Music
  • Flight tracker to keep track of the timing of your flight
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The live TV of this airline offers 16 Tv channels, including Bravo, MSNBC, CNBC, CBS2, Fox5, HGTV, ESPN, ESPN2, NFL Network, Fox News, NBC 4, FX, Discovery, USA, Disney, and CNN. 

There is a long list of free on-demand TV shows available on their flight, and the list offers the shows that are presently on hype or the ones that are fan favorites. This list includes Cake Boss and Who Do You Think You Are? The list changes according to the demand and ratings of TV shows.

You can also listen to music through iHeartRadio and As this music feature is new, it’s only available in a few of their selected aircraft. 


Can I use Netflix using Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi?

 No, you can’t use Netflix while on the flight with Southwest Airlines. The airline’s Wi-Fi doesn’t have a high bandwidth connection. So if you use Netflix on the flight, other customers will be deprived of a smooth internet connection. 

How can I get free Wi-Fi on a Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines don’t provide free Wi-Fi on their flight. You have to buy a package of $8 to use their broadband connection. But you can access free live and on-demand TV to enjoy your flight.


I hope you know all the insights about Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi. To enjoy your flight by watching streaming videos and to stay connected with your loved ones through messaging, you can purchase their $8 package.

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