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A Tested Guide To Rochester Airport WiFi | WiFi Access and More

Rochester International Airport (RST) is Rochester, Minnesota’s primary airport. Any Wi-Fi-enabled device can connect to the free Wi-Fi at Rochester International Airport (RST). There are no restrictions.

To keep passengers captivated, the airport provides free Wi-Fi in all terminals and public gathering areas.

Does Rochester International Airport Have Free WiFi?

The Rochester International Airport offers free WiFi in all of its terminals. The internet access is provided by Greenlight Networks.

The Rochester International Airport, however, does not provide a paid premium version of WiFi. There are no restrictions on the free WiFi. The internet can be connected to an infinite number of devices, making the passenger experience even better.

Access Points

The Rochester International Airport provides free Wi-Fi to all incoming travelers and visitors in all terminals and public areas. So you can use the internet or access the free WiFi from anywhere inside the airport. After partnering with Greenlight Networks, the download speed and upload speed have risen to 500 Mbps which is one of the highest.

How To Connect to Rochester Airport WiFi?

Simply follow the steps below to connect to and enjoy the free WiFi service at the Rochester International Airport-

  • Locate and enable Wi-Fi in your device’s settings.
  • View available wireless networks and connect to the SSID of the “RST FREE” wifi network.
  • Accept the terms of the agreement.
  • You will then be connected to the free internet network.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WiFi service at Rochester International Airport?

Yes, Rochester International Airport does provide free WiFi internet access, which has no limits.

What is the name of the free WiFi at Rochester International Airport? 

The WiFi name is “RST FREE,” which is free to use and doesn’t require any registration to connect.  

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