Best Restaurants in Banani

Top 5 Best Restaurants in Banani You Should Try in Your Life

Over the past decades, Banani has become the centre point of people in Dhaka city when it comes to spending some quality time in a restaurant. Banani has the most diverse restaurants for all ages of upper-middle-class and middle-class people. Whether you want to conduct business meetings, spend quality time with your family, celebrate any occasion, or just simply want to hang out with your friends, you will easily find perfect places for all purposes in Banani. In this article, we have brought to you a list of top-rated restaurants with delicious food and great ambience. Read till the end to get our bonus recommendation. 

Top 5 Restaurants in Banani

Below we have enlisted top five best restaurant in Banani based on our research and customer reviews

1. Multicuisine Restaurant- Urban Spoon, Banani

Urban spoon is a rooftop multi-cuisine restaurant with extended inside space as well that is perfect for celebrating any occasion, having lunch, or just chilling out on a lazy evening. The menu of the Urban spoon has a bit touch of every cuisine. From Thai & Chinese, Indian, and Italian to Steak & Grill Sea Food and Set Menu, one can quench their urge for any kind of food in one place. The prices of every cuisine in Urban Spoon are a little less accessible. Some can find it a little bit pricey and for some, it is average considering the ambience, service, and quality of their food. Here is the menu of Urban Spoon, Banani.  

In winter, Urban spoon organizes live music sessions where people can vibe with the tune while enjoying delicious food. Urban Spoon opens at 12:30 pm and closes at 11.30 pm every day of the week. 

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Name Urban Spoon 
Address12th Floor (Rooftop) B&B Empire, House-116, Road-11, Block-E, Banani, Dhaka
Opening time12.30 pm
Closing time11.30 pm
CuisineMulticuisine restaurant
MenuUrban Spoon Menu
Off dayOpen 7 days a week
Contact Number01705-525568
Social MediaFacebook

2. Best place for Fast food lovers- Chillox Banani

Chillox has become the heart of every burger lover in Banani. Not only Banani but people from other areas come to Chilox Banani to enjoy a juicy tender saucy burger or spicy naga drums. Chillox Banani is a self-service and pay-first fast food restaurant that’s ambience is perfect for chilling out with your friends.

It is one of the fastest-growing burger joint restaurants in Bangladesh. Chillox is mostly famous among the young generation of students for its very reasonable price and extra juicy burgers. Alongside burgers, the menu of Chillox has fries, wings, chicken fingers, naga drums, and a fish section. To chug all of it down, Chillox offers varieties of shakes and cold drinks. The most unique feature of Chillox is that people can customize their burger by setting the spice level, and sauce level and choosing the bun type. The opening time for Chillox Banani is 10 am and the closing time is 11 pm. 

Name Chillox Banani
Address2nd Floor, Ahmed Tower, Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Opening time10.00 am
Closing time11.00 pm
CuisineFast Food restaurant
MenuChillox Banani Menu
Off dayOpen 7 days a week
Contact Number01704-194488
Social MediaFacebook

3. Heart of oriental cuisine- Yum Cha District, Banani

In recent years, oriental cuisine has stolen the attention of this generation of foodies. The traditional flavour and varieties of spices touch of oriental cuisine have brought a change in the culture of fine dining. Oriental Cuisine-focused restaurants have come to Dhaka very recently. Only a few restaurants serve the true essence of oriental cuisine and Yum Cha District is surely in a leading position in that. The subtle, salty, sweet heat flavours of Yum Cha’s every dish will leave you with the craving for more. Check out the full menu of Yum Cha District, Banani. The still-life painting, soft light throughout the restaurant, warm colours tiles, and brownish walls of Yum Cha create both a calm and energetic environment. People can enjoy flavourful dishes in a very calm and aesthetic ambience at a reasonable price. The uniqueness of YumCha DIstrict makes it a must-visit eatery in Banani. 

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Name Yum Cha District
AddressHouse 25, 2nd Floor, BFC Building, Rd No. 11, Dhaka 1213 (will shift to a new place by sept’22)
Opening time12.00 am
Closing time11.00 pm
CuisineOriental cuisine restaurant
MenuYum Cha Menu
Off dayOpen 7 days a week (Banani outlet is temporarily closed for shifting purposes)
Contact Number01752-329058
Email[email protected]
Social MediaFacebook

4. Steak Place- Woodhouse Grill, Banani

In the time of globalization, every industry and individual is getting influenced by different cultures. The food industry is not very different from that and people are expecting different types of cuisine frequently. Such as there is a growing fanbase of steak in the city and they are in search of good steak places. The old-fashioned Texas-style steak of Woodhouse Grill made a place in steak lovers’ hearts in a very short time. A perfect steak is not easy to cook as everyone prefers their steak differently. Woodhouse Grill first brings a tray of raw steaks with different cuts and they let their guest choose their pieces of steak. From medium-rare to well-cooked steak, you can ask for as you prefer and it will be brought to you perfectly. The prices of Woodhouse Grill steak are quite expensive but the delicacy of their food is worth the price. Not only for people around Banani, but Woodhouse Grill is also a must-recommended place for every steak lover.

Name Yum Cha District
AddressLevel 4, Holding 56, Road 11, F Block Banani 1213 Dhaka.
Opening time01.00 pm
Closing time10.30 pm
CuisineSteak House 
MenuWoodhouse Grill Menu
Off dayOpen 7 days a week
Contact Number01798-474305
Email[email protected]
Social MediaFacebook

5. Indian Cuisine- Tarka Banani

We all crave juicy kebab or authentic Biriyani once in a while. Indian Cuisine-focused restaurant in Banani, Tarka is undoubtedly a go-to place to quench that thirst for kebab or biriyani. From dosa, chaat, and dal to curry, kebab, and biriyani, the extensive menu of Tarka includes almost every popular Indian dish. The prices of food in Tarka are a bit more expensive than in other typical Indian cuisine restaurants in Dhaka. The quite cosy ambience, royal hospitality, and quick service of Tarka create a good value for your money.

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Name Tarka
AddressLevel 8, House 1/H (ANZ Huq Eleven Square, Banani
Opening time12.30 pm
Closing time10.30 pm
CuisineIndian Cuisine Restaurant
MenuTarka Menu
Off dayOpen 7 days a week
Contact Number01671-448844
Email[email protected]
Social MediaFacebook

Bonus Recommendation: Waffle Up

A meal is incomplete without a perfect desert, similarly, our list would be incomplete without a desert place recommendation. Alongside steak and oriental cuisine, another thing that has become immensely popular among this generation of people is waffles.  Whether as a late-night snack or breakfast, it has gained popularity overnight. Waffle up in Banani 13 J block is a streetside restaurant that remains open till 2 am in the morning. Waffle-up opens around 12 pm but people gathered most there in the evening and after midnight. People usually go to Waffle Up in their own cars and get delivery without even getting down from their car. The prices of waffles in Waffle Up are very reasonable as well. Their late-night service and sweet chocolate delicacy taste of waffles make it a popular and must-visit place in Banani. 

Name Waffle Up
AddressRoad 13. J Block, Banani
Opening time12.00 pm
Closing time02.00 am
CuisineDessert (waffle)
MenuWaffle Up Menu
Off dayOpen 7 days a week
Contact Number01958-095887
Social MediaFacebook

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to make a reservation before going to Tarka? 

On regular days, a reservation is usually not needed but during Ramada in time of iftar or sehri we would recommend making a reservation. You can make your reservation by calling on this number 01671-448844

Is Yum Cha, Banani open now?

Yum Cha District outlet of Banani is closed temporarily as they are working on shifting to a bigger space. The new outlet of Yum Cha Banani is said to be open by September 2022.

When does the woodhouse grill open?

The opening time for Woodhouse Grill is 1 pm and it closes around 11 pm.

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