Places To Visit in Dhaka

The 10 Best Places To Visit in Dhaka 2023

You might know Dhaka as the City of Mosques or as the City of Rickshaws. If you picture a chaotic city full of din and bustle when you hear the name of the city, you are yet to discover the truly mesmerizing experience of Dhaka.

Dhaka has been the spectator of numerous historical milestones. The 400-year-old city known for Muslin in the past still has features to boast about. The architectural richness, the colors, and the food- always form a fantastic cohort that can stunt anybody looking for diversity.

Historic sites like Ahsan Manzil, Lalbagh Fort, Rose Garden Palace, etc still chant the glorious past of Dhaka in silence. The City of Mosque doesn’t disappoint with mosques like Star Mosque, The Khan Muhammad Mirza Mosque, Hussaini Dalan, Shaista Khan Mosque, etc. Bangladesh is a country of harmony. Places like Armenian Church, Dhakeshwari Temple, etc manifest the age-old combination of compassion and respect between religious beliefs and values.

Top 10 Places To Visit In Dhaka

1. The Bangladesh National Museum

The best way to know a country’s history, heritage, and culture is to visit the museum. Situated in Shahbag, Bangladesh National Museum was established in 1913. There are 44 galleries, a large library, three auditoriums, and two exhibition halls. The gallery is dedicated to Natural History and contains pictures, collections, skeletons, minerals, etc famous natural features of Bangladesh. The History and Classical Art section contains artifacts, paintings, documents and manuscripts, and specimens of architectural masterpieces. The historical exhibits evidence related to events like the language movement of 1952 and the Liberation war of 1971. The other two sections,  Ethnography and Decorative Art and Contemporary Art and World Civilisation also have a variety of collections to please the mind of a visitor. The Museum is an excellent opportunity to get to know Bangladesh at a glance.

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2. Ahsan Manzil

A truly royal piece of art standing proudly known as the Pink Palace. The palace and the museum is a significant reminders of the magical life of the nawabs of Dhaka. This was built in 1972 as an official residence of the Nawab family. Later in 1985, the Government of Bangladesh acquired the property. The bright pink exterior is just as magnificent as the interior of this palace. The finely preserved specimens of what the Nawabs used are sure to spark a sense of aesthetics.

3. Dhakeshwari National Temple

Dhakeshwari has a beautiful meaning, the Goddess of Dhaka. It is said that the original statue of this temple was eight hundred years old. The annual Bengali Durga puja festival is held with much importance in this temple. This creation of the Sena dynasty is a sacred place for the Hindus and a pleasing sight for people of any religion.

4. National Botanical Garden

Bangladesh is blessed with gifts from mother nature. The National Botanical Garden, established in 1961, is an approach to exhibit and preserve the diversity of plant life in Bangladesh. With an area of 84 hectares, the 57 sections of this garden have multiple varieties of local and foreign trees. The lakes, lotus ponds, nurseries, orchid houses, etc provide knowledge and peace at the same time.

5. Lalbagh Fort

Situated in old Dhaka, Lalbagh Fort is one of the most known architectural features left by the Mughal empire in Bangladesh. The third son of Aurangzeb, Mohammed Azam established this fort in 1678. The huge area of the palace is beautifully adorned with numerous decorative plants. There are different sections of this fort, such as the tomb of Pari Bibi, the residence of governor Shaista Khan, the mosque, the secret tunnels, etc.

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6. The National Memorial

The National monument of Bangladesh commemorating the invaluable Sacrifice of the freedom fighters in the liberation war of 1971 is an architectural beauty. This monument designed by architect Syed Moinul Hossain is situated in Savar. The design of this complex has a special indication of how much struggle the people had to go through to gain independence. The plates of the monument signify each significant step towards the freedom of Bangladesh. The view of the structure can be different from different perspectives which is an outstanding example of the celebration of joy.

7. Rose Garden Palace

This 19th-century architecture, recently taken under the wings of the government of Bangladesh, is a sophisticated piece of work. The mansion is situated in K.M. Das Lane of Tikatuli, Old Dhaka. It is known that the creator of this palace, Hrishikesh, would use this place to hold Jalsas. Decorated with fountains and classical statues, this structure is a profound portrayal of taste. This marvelous palace has been featured in numerous films and documentaries for its exquisite beauty and majestic vibes.

8. Sonargaon

this historic city is one of the oldest capitals of Bengal. It is situated on the outskirts of Dhaka district. Panama City is probably one of the most ancient cities in Bangladesh that is still pretty much visible in its initial form. The picturesque buildings with memories of old stories attract thousands of tourists each year. It is not just the buildings and forts that are eye-catching, the Shilpacharya Zainul Folk Arts & Crafts Museum is a splendid dedication to the legendary artist of Bangladesh. It provides a glimpse of the artistic mastery of the renowned artist for tourists to experience.

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9. National Parliament House

Architect Louis I Kahn created this iconic complex in Sher-e Bangla Nagar. The work was completed in 1982. The artificial lake belt in the north of the complex called Crescent Lake enhances the beauty of this place multiple times. Outside the gate, there is a series of jasmine trees that make this a pleasant destination for both local and foreign tourists.

10. Rose Village

The flower-farming village is widely known for its beauty and the availability of roses. Shadullahpur presents an amazing red landscape of roses. The beauty and the aroma are sure to enchant any flower lover for a long time.

Dhaka is a city of diverse demographics. This diversity only adds to the existing charm. Without any doubt, visiting the remarkable city and knowing the stories will claim a special place in the heart of tourists.

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