Nashville Airport Sleeping Pods

A Guide To Nashville Airport Sleeping Pods & Alternatives [Sleeping in Nashville Airport]

Layovers and delayed flights make traveling tiresome. Thankfully, Nashville International Airport offers Sleeping Pods to assist travelers to snooze and relax. Travelers may nap or work in these clever pods with built-in power outlets and high-speed Wi-Fi. 

At Nashville International Airport, passengers can enjoy a comfortable rest at the Minute Suites, featuring private suites with beds, HDTVs, and work desks. The airport also offers other sleep-friendly amenities like reclining chairs and quiet areas.

Where to Find Sleeping Pods at Nashville Airport?

If you are looking for a comfortable and convenient place to rest during a layover or before an early flight at Nashville International Airport, you may consider using sleeping pods. Nashville airport offers Minute Suites and GoSleep Pods, which are located in different areas of the airport.

Minute Suites at Nashville International Airport 

Minute Suites at Nashville International Airport offers private suites that are perfect for sleeping, working, or relaxing during a layover or delay. They provide a comfortable and peaceful environment for travelers to rest and recharge before their next flight.

  • Location: Minute Suites are private rooms located in Concourse C, near gate C14. 
  • Amenities: The suites offer a comfortable and quiet place to rest or work, equipped with a daybed sofa, pillows, blankets, and a TV. The suites also provide a desk, chair, and free Wi-Fi for work or entertainment.
  • Costs:  The cost for using Minute Suites is $42 for the first hour and $10.50 for every 15 minutes thereafter, with a maximum charge of $155 per 24-hour period. However, there are discounts for military personnel and airline employees. 
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GoSleep Pods at Nashville International Airport 

GoSleep Pods are a type of sleeping pod designed for travelers who need to rest in airports. These pods provide a comfortable and private space to rest, work, or relax during layovers or delays. They are available at select airports worldwide, including Nashville International Airport.

  • Location: GoSleep Pods are located in Concourse B, near gate B6. 
  • Amenities: The pods are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience, equipped with a full-length bed, sliding shade for privacy, and power outlets to charge electronic devices. The pods also feature a storage area for luggage and personal items.
  • Costs: The cost to rent a GoSleep Pod at Nashville International Airport is $11 per hour or $45 for the entire day. 

Alternatives to Sleeping Pods at Nashville Airport 

If you’re looking for alternatives to sleeping pods at Nashville International Airport, there are a few options available:

  • Comfortable Seating Areas: The airport has numerous seating areas equipped with charging ports and comfortable chairs. These areas are scattered throughout the terminal, and some are even located near restaurants and cafes, making them a great spot to rest while you wait for your flight.
  • Hotels: Nashville Airport has several hotels located in close proximity to the terminal, including the Marriott Nashville Airport, Embassy Suites Nashville Airport, and the Hampton Inn & Suites Nashville Airport. These hotels offer comfortable accommodations and shuttle services to and from the airport.
  • Lounges: The airport has several lounges available for passengers to use, including the Delta Sky Club, American Airlines Admirals Club, and United Club. These lounges offer a comfortable and quiet space to relax before your flight.
  • Public Rest Areas: Nashville Airport has several public rest areas located throughout the terminal, which are perfect for taking a quick nap. These areas are equipped with comfortable seating and are typically located near restrooms.
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How can I book a sleeping pod at Nashville International Airport?

You can book a sleeping pod at Minute Suites by visiting their website or by using the self-service kiosk located at their airport location.

Can I rent a sleeping pod for the whole night at Nashville International Airport?

Yes, Minute Suites offers overnight rates for travelers who need to sleep for a longer period. Rates for overnight stays start at $155.

Are the sleeping pods at Nashville International Airport soundproof?

While the pods are not completely soundproof, they are equipped with a sound-masking system to block out airport noise and provide a quieter space to rest.

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