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Jetstar Airways Wi-Fi, Inflight Entertainment & Streaming

Usually, flying is boring if there is nothing to do on the flight. Therefore, almost every traveler asks for Wi-Fi on a plane to browse the internet and enjoy inflight entertainment. Unfortunately, not every airway offers a Wi-Fi facility. So before traveling in a particular airway, you must know about its Wi-Fi facility.

However, today’s concern is Jetstar Wi-Fi. Jetstar Airways offers Jetstar streaming and in-flight entertainment to the passengers. So to enjoy this entertainment or streaming, you have to connect your iPad or iPhone to the Wi-Fi on the plane.

To connect to the Jetstar Wi-Fi, first download it’s streaming app. Then, using your iPad or iPhone, select “Setting”> Wi-Fi > Jetstar Wi-Fi > Jetstar Streaming App. Do this accordingly, and Wi-Fi will be connected to your device.

One important note is using Wi-Fi, you can enjoy only inflight entertainment. You can’t use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet or browse social media, YouTube, or any other platform.

However, Jetstar offers complimentary inflight entertainment service to Business class travelers. But the economy class passenger has to pay $10 to purchase the inflight entertainment.

There is more to explore in this guide about Jetstar Wi-Fi. So keep reading!

Facts About Jetstar Airlines

Airlines Name Jetstar Airways
Jetstar Airways Corporate Office (Australia)P.O. Box 4713, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
Jetstar Japan Corporate OfficeNarita International Airport, Terminal 3 Narita, Chiba 282 – 0006, Japan
Jetstar Asia Corporate Office ( Singapore) Singapore Changi Airport, T1, P.O. Box 323, Singapore 918144
Inflight Entertainment Yes (Cost – $10) 
Contact Number00 61 3 9465 5999
Jetstar Website 

Jetstar Streaming

Jetstar streaming over a wireless connection onboard the aircraft provides entertainment through your iPad and iPhone. It is a wireless network. The streaming fee is only $10. You can enjoy over 70 movies, 95 audio albums, and 280 TV episodes through Jetstar streaming.

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Jetstar Inflight Entertainment

Jetstar inflight entertainment is available on international flights on its Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Everyone will get something to enjoy, including movies, games, TV, and music. You can enjoy a vast music library and keep your children busy with games and shows.

When booking your flight, you can pre-purchase the in-flight entertainment package if you are flying in Economy. For Business Class passengers, the in-flight entertainment is complimentary.

How To Connect Jetstar Wi-Fi & Jetstar Streaming?

First, download the Jetstar Streaming App on your iPhone or iPad. Download it before your board while connected to the internet. Once you board, switch off your device by placing it in flight mode.

Once the crew instructs you that it’s safe, switch on your iPhone or iPad. And following the steps below, connect your phone or pad to the Jetstar Wi-Fi and Streaming.

Instructions For iPhone & iPad

  • Select the “Settings” option
  • Then select “Wi-Fi” and turn on the Wi-Fi
  • Now on the Wireless Network Connection Screen, select “Jetstar Wi-Fi.”
  • After that, you have to select the “Jetstar Streaming App.”

From the Jetstar Streaming onboard portal page display, select TV shows, a large variety of movies, or music. After selecting continuously, the content will be sent to your device.

What Kind Of Device Do You Need to Use Jetstar Wi-Fi?

You require a mobile device with Wi-Fi enabled. And the devices should be with iOS 5.0 or more. The iPad or iPhone can be the best device to use Jetstar Wi-Fi. You will need to download the Jetstar Streaming app from the Apple App Stores.

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Can you get Wi-Fi on Jetstar?

Yes! To get Wi-Fi on Jetstar, you require a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile greater than iOS 0.5.

Does Jetstar have screens?

Yes! You can enjoy movies, games, TV shows, and music on the Jetstar screens.

How much are movies on Jetstar?

To enjoy the Jetstar movies, you have to pay $10.

Can you use Jetstar Wi-Fi to connect to the internet, social media, YouTube, etc.?

No! Using the Jetstar Wi-Fi, you can only enjoy inflight entertainment. You can’t use it to browse other social media platforms.

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