London Heathrow Airport WiFi Guide 2024 | LHR Airport FREE WiFi

Heathrow Airport commonly known as London Heathrow is the eight-busiest airport in Europe serving London. British Airways uses Heathrow Airport as its primary hub and the airport also operates as a primary base for Virgin Atlanta. Heathrow airport has four terminals with free wifi coverage along with internet kiosks. Travellers having layover flights or waiting for flights at Heathrow Airport can enjoy wifi service free of cost.

Fact about Heathrow Airport:

NameHeathrow Airport
Owner Heathrow Airport Holdings
Airport typePublic
OperatorHeathrow Airport Holdings
Wifi serviceYes (Free)
Wifi timelimitUnlimited
Wifi ProviderBoingo
WiFi troubleshoot helpline0808 189 1365
HubBritish Airways
Focus CityVirgin Atlantic
CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationHillingdon, London, England
Social MediaFacebook

Heathrow Airport WiFi Service:

The seventh-busiest airport in the world, Heathrow Airport ensures quality service to numerous passengers. Cooperated with Boingo, Heathrow Airport provides free wifi to all the passengers inside the terminals. Passengers can enjoy the free Heathrow Airport wifi during the whole time of their stay at Heathrow.

For the passengers who don’t have wifi-enabled devices with them, Heathrow Airport has a free internet kiosk in each of the four terminals. For your convenience, here are the locations of all internet kiosks at Heathrow Airpot.

  • Terminal 2: Near Check-In Zone A/B, Outside Security Departures, Level 5. Another one is at Near Check-In Zone C/D, Outside Security Departures (Upper Level), Level 5.
  • Terminal 3: There are 5 kiosks in terminal 3: Two kiosks at Level 2 near arrival gates, One at level 1 (Upper departures), and another two at level 0 near check-in. 
  • Terminal 4: One kiosk at level 2 departure. 
  • Terminal 5: Two kiosks at level 3 (upper departures), One at level 1 near arrivals, and another one at level 0 near arrivals.
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How to Connect to Heathrow Airport WiFi?

Heathrow Airport offers free wifi service throughout the terminals. No verification or payment is needed to connect to the Heathrow Airport wifi. Simply follow the steps to connect:

  • Turn on wifi on your device.
  • Search for the SSID Heathrow_Wifi
  • Connect to the network. The Heathrow landing page will automatically appear. If it does not open up automatically,  launch your default browser and go to the website
  • Select your preferable sign-in option. Credit card, debit card, or any other digital payment method information is not required for signing up. 
  • Fill up the registration details and agree with the terms and conditions after reviewing them.
  • Once your registration is completed, you will be connected to the Heathrow Airport wifi.
  • Enjoy browsing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Heathrow Airport’s free wifi safe?

Heathrow Airport’s wifi is safer than any other public wifi. Heathrow Airport uses third-party filtering software which will block access to all the websites that contain inappropriate content. This initiative makes the Heathrow Airport wifi family-friendly and safer for children.

Is there any work-station with internet availability at Heathrow Airport?

Yes, there are internet kiosks containing computers along with free internet connection in every terminal of Heathrow Airport.

Can I stream Netflix using Heathrow Airport wifi?

Is there any time limitation on the usage of Heathrow Airport wifi?

You can use the wifi during your whole waiting period at Heathrow.

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