Does Avianca Have WiFi

Does Avianca Have WiFi? | Speed, Plans, and How To Connect?

Avianca Airlines (AV) have access to free, high-speed WiFi while in the air. Selected planes provide WiFi service that is accessible via your WiFi-enabled gadgets.

The Colombian carrier Avianca Airlines (AV) is among the world’s three earliest airlines. That airline originates from Colombia and serves the country and the world. More than a hundred cities are serviced by this airline.

The airline also offers a variety of paid WiFi packages to ensure that its customers may stay connected during the flight.

Avianca WiFi Speed

The network’s bandwidth is suitable for streaming videos and viewing online television series episodes. You won’t have any trouble watching Netflix or navigating through your device’s browser.

Avianca WiFi Price

On all packages, travelers may use as much data as they like. The initial bundle only lasts 2 hours. The other two options will provide you with value during the journey.

Three plans exist. The first plan is named “Network and mail.” You can use this package for social networking, email, and instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, etc.

It’s a 2-hour plan. The other two programs provide limitless connectivity. The “Navigation plan” combines all prior services and web surfing.

Let’s see what all the packages have to offer.

Basic PlanNavigation planAll-inclusive plan
This Package lasts 2 hours.
The price starts from $5
This Package lasts the whole flight.
*There is no mention of the cost of this plan. You can get to know about the pricing while you are on board.
This Package lasts the whole flight.
*There is no mention of the cost of this plan. You can get to know about the pricing while you are on board.
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How To Get Your Devices Connected To Avianca WiFi?

When the crew announces that On-Board Wi-Fi is available, here are some typical procedures to take to connect your device:

  • Start your WiFi network in airplane mode.
  • Wirelessly access the “Avianca” network.
  • Your device’s browser will display the Onboard Wi-Fi homepage. Visit the Avianca website if you are not routed immediately.
  • Allow Onboard Wi-Fi Cookies.
  • Select your package. Clicking the button will bring up a payment screen.
  • Remember that internet stability and speed will differ at 500 mph and above 30,000 feet.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices Can Connect to the Avianca Inflight WIFI?

The network accepts wireless devices. Things change. You cannot use several devices at once. You must buy a new package to use WiFi on another device.

Does Avianca Airbus A320 Have WI-FI?

All of their planes do have WiFi connections on board right now.

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