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A Guide To Cathay Pacific WiFi & Internet With FAQs

Cathay Pacific Provides WiFi connectivity onboard to all its aircraft Airbus A350 and A321neo and rolling out on Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 aircraft. You can connect wifi by enabling wifi and connecting to the “Cathay Pacific” network Option

Cathay Pacific WiFi

Now you will be able to get connected with your near and dear while flying on Cathay pacific flights. You can browse the internet, send messages, and read news about what happening around the world. 

Before purchasing ticketing, you can check whether any specific flight has wifi or not. You can also check it by flight status. So if you need to be online on the flight, that will not be missed out. 

Once aircraft arrive above 10,000 feet, you will be allowed to access the inflight wifi of Cathay pacific.

WiFi Enabled Aircraft of Cathay Pacific

Airbus A350 Yes
Boeing 777Not All
Airbus A330Not All

Is Cathay Pacific WiFi free or paid?

Cathay pacific wifi is not free, it’s paid. You have to purchase subscription plans. The price depends on the duration of wifi access. 6 hours or less is $12.95, 6 hours or more is $19.95, and continuous use of 1 hour is $9.95. The message pass is also available for $3.95 only. With a message pass, you can send messages via iMessage, Facebook, and WhatsApp through the Cathay pacific application!

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Cathay Pacific WiFi Cost:

Time LimitAccessPrice
6 hours or lessEverything$12.95
6 hours or moreEverything$19.95
1 HourEverything$9.95
Message passOnly messages such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger$3.95

You can purchase by using a debit card, credit card, Alipay, American Express, visa card, master card, etc

How To Connect to Cathay Pacific WiFi?

It’s a very easy process. Just follow the steps below

  • Enable wifi to your device first
  • Connect to the “Cathay Pacific” network
  • After connecting to the network, it will land you on the portal (
  • Select your data plan and enjoy wifi 

Things to be Remembered:

  1. You can get connected to a customer care representative of Cathay pacific via this page
  2. WiFi is not available in northern polar regions commonly on the route of North America
  3. You cant use the internet until the aircraft takes off or during the landing
  4. If you disconnected, the reason may be the beam switch. Wait and retry

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Stream Netflix on Cathay Pacific?

Yes, you can stream Netflix and YouTube but the speed is not so high. That’s why the streaming will be buffered from time to time. It will be wise not to use Netflix but inflight entertainment pre-downloaded movies are a great option

Can I make calls by messaging apps?

Yes, you can but do not call for the convenience of the fellow passengers

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