A Complete Guide To Connect Boston Airport WiFi 2022 | BOS Free WiFi

Call me cheap, but I like to roam around places where there is free Wi-Fi. What are the best places for free Wi-Fi? Well, here in Boston, the nearest location to browse over the internet is the Boston International Airport.

This airport is known as the hub for many major airlines in the USA. Many passengers starting from day to night, comes and go. The airport government introduced free Wi-Fi for every passenger for mass people gathering.

How will you connect to the Boston Airport Wi-Fi? To do that, have some patience and read this whole article.

Details About Boston Airport

First, it is not a crime to know a bit about Boston Airport, so I have created a table to summarize some details about it.

Name of the AirportGeneral Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport (BOS)
Date of establishmentSeptember 8, 1923
Code of the AirportBOS
Wi-Fi FacilityFree
Internet Service ProviderBoingo
Number of flights per day1500

Boston Airport Wi-Fi

The Boston Airport provides their passengers with Wi-Fi of very reasonable browsing speed. Many people tested this theory over speed test software, and the average reading was 5 Mbps.

The internet service provider of Boston Airport is Boingo, and they claim that 5 Mbps speed is fast enough to stream an HD quality video.

No matter at which terminal you are standing, you can connect to the free Boston Airport Wi-Fi with just a click on your phone. All you need to do is connect to their local SSID.

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You will view their local SSID as ‘BOSWifi.’ Once you are connected to their server, you can enjoy the unlimited internet service provided by them and watch your favourite movie online.

Steps to connect to the Wi-Fi network of Boston Airport

What should be your step now? After knowing about the free Wi-Fi at Boston Airport, all that is left to know is the steps to connect to the Boston Wi-Fi, which are explained broadly below:

  • The first step is to make sure your device is capable of a Wi-Fi connection
  • Go the Settings
  • Then click on Wi-Fi under the section of Wireless Networks
  • You will see a Wi-Fi bar; turn it on
  • After turning on the Wi-Fi, you will have multiple SSID to connect. Look for ‘BOSWifi’
  • Click on ‘BOSWifi’ and wait for some seconds
  • When the connection is established, open a browser
  • Agree on the terms and conditions the server throw at you
  • All that is left is to have fun browsing

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations on using the Wi-Fi of Boston Airport?

Fortunately, the Wi-Fi network of Boston Airport has no limit. You can use it as long as you want. Securely connect to their server and enjoy limitless browsing on the internet.

What should I do if I cannot connect to Boston Airport’s Wi-Fi?

Since the internet service provider of Boston Airport is Boingo, the best you can do is call them at their customer care service number.
And that number is given by (800) 880-4117.

Is all Airport’s Wi-Fi free like Boston Airport?

Fortunately, yes! Almost all airports worldwide offer free Wi-Fi connections that enable passengers to browse limitless data while waiting for their respective fights.


Scrolling through Facebook while using free Wi-Fi is an excellent time pass for passengers. Luckily, Boston Airport Wi-Fi, one of the biggest airports in the United States, is free and limitless.

So, next time you see your friend purchasing data at Boston Airport, mention the free Wi-Fi.

Or you can recommend this article to them to learn it by themselves.

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