Austrian Airlines WiFi

A Proven Guide To Austrian Airlines WiFi & Internet [How To Connect]

Austrian Airlines is among the largest airlines in Europe. The airline was established in 1957 and they fly to over 120 destinations on both domestic and international routes. Their main hub is Vienna International Airport.

Austrian Airlines WiFi is available inflight for its short to medium-haul flights. You can chat, email, surf social media, and watch videos and audio using Austrian Airlines WiFi. The package starts from just EUR 3 which you can use full-flight.

Austrian Airlines never compromises on its passengers’ comfort and service. As a part of it, they offer paid inflight WiFi. You can purchase data plans from their various packages.

Continue reading to know more about Austrian Airlines WiFi, package details, inflight entertainment, and more.

Austrian Airlines Attributes

Airline NameAustrian Airlines
Main HubVienna International Airport
HeadquarterSchwechat, AustriaJurisdiction: Vienna
WiFiWiFi available (paid)
Number of Aircrafts61
Contact Number(00) 1-800-223-5500
Austrian Airlines
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Austrian Airlines WiFi

Austrian Airlines WiFi is available inflight for all kinds of needs. You can send and receive emails, chat with friends and family, or shop online above the clouds. Austrian Airlines WiFi packages are tailored to all your requirements.

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Here are the data plans and their details:

Package NamePackage DetailsWiFi SpeedDurationCostMile
FlyNet ChatUnlimited messaging via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or iMessage.150 kBit/s1Full flight.EUR 31000 miles
FlyNet Mail & SurfSurf the internet, use social media, and email.600 Kbit/s¹90min/90min +EUR 5/ EUR 71700/2300 miles
FlyNet StreamVPN service, high-speed internet, audio, and video streaming.15 Mbit/s¹90min/90min +EUR 10/ EUR 123300/4000 miles

How to Connect Austrian Airlines WiFi?

Follow these steps to connect to Austrian Airlines WiFi:

  • After reaching cruising altitude keep your device on airplane mode and turn on WiFi from your settings.
  • Select Austrian Flynet from the available WiFi options.
  • Open your internet browser and the Flynet portal will open automatically.
  • Click on “Internet access” in the top right.
  • Select and purchase the package of your choice.
  • Once your payment is confirmed you will be online.

Austrian Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Choose from a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and Ejournals. Get the latest releases inflight and never spend a dull moment.  Austrian Airlines has entertainment for you in more than 20 languages.

Additionally, you can listen to various kinds of music according to your mood. From Jazz to classical, you will always be entertained inflight even if you do not purchase the data plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Austrian Airlines WiFi Available Onboard?

Yes, Austrian Airlines have inflight WiFi available onboard.

Do Austrian Airlines Provide WiFi For Free?

No, you have to purchase Austrian Airlines WiFi to browse.

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Does Austrian Airlines Provide WiFi For All Its Aircraft?

No, Austrian Airlines only provide WiFi for its short to medium-haul flights.

Can I Stream Netflix On Austrian Airlines WiFi?

Yes, you can stream Netflix using the FlyNet Stream package.

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