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Does Air India Have Inflight WiFi & Internet?

Air India is the flag carrier airline of India. Although Air India WiFi is not currently available, it will soon launch Air India WiFi for its passengers. Air India offers a wide range of inflight entertainment services as well.

Air India WiFi is currently not available onboard. However, they will soon launch Air India WiFi for its passengers. After Air India starts its WiFi operation, passengers can watch movies, chat with friends, and browse the web without disturbance.

You can travel to 70 international destinations and 100 domestic destinations with Air India. According to the latest report, Air India WiFi has gotten permission to run in flight. Air India was a government-owned airline until recently it was sold to the TATA Group.  

Once Air India WiFi starts its operation, passengers can connect their smartphones, laptops, smartwatch, tablet, and e-readers while flying, but they have to keep the devices on airplane mode.

Since installing WiFi on Air India aircraft is quite expensive, passengers will have to pay for the inflight internet services. Here are some more details about Air India WiFi, inflight entertainment, and much more

Air India Attributes at a Glance

Airline NameAir India
HeadquarterNew Delhi India
WiFiInflight WiFi is not available
Domestic Destinations100
International Destinations70
WiFi ProviderNot applicable
Contact Number00 91 124 264 1407
WebsiteAir India
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter  Linkedin

Is Using a Mobile Phone Allowed In Air India?

Since Air India aircraft are Codeshare Flights, you are not allowed to use mobile phones inflight.

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Why Is There No Inflight WiFi on Air India?

Unlike many countries, India did not permit their airlines to access internet services inflight. In fact, other International Airlines turned off their inflight WiFi connectivity while crossing Indian airspace.

However, in the latest Indian DGCA Law draft, it is stated that now inflight WiFi is permissible to operate even under Indian airspace. As a result, being a pioneer airline company Air India has announced its upcoming WiFi launch plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Air India WiFi Available in Inflight?

No, Air India WiFi is not available on flights.

Does Air India Have Inflight Entertainment?

Yes, you can enjoy inflight entertainment like movies, TV shows, music, and news while flying in Air India.

Does Air India Have Screens for Passengers?

Except for the Airbus Fleet, most of the other aircraft have inflight TV consoles for every passenger in flight.

Can I Stream Netflix On Air India Flight?

No, Air India does not support streaming Netflix in flight.

Can I Use WiFi in Air India?

Not right now, but you can soon enjoy inflight Air India WiFi.

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